General questions

Where are you located?
Artist Studio & Fine Art Gallery
Our Flagship studio is located in Laguna Beach, California

What are your hours of operations?
Our hours of operations are:

Sun - Thur: 10am - 9pm
Fri - Sat: 10am - 10pm

How do I speak to a company representative?
You can email us here at info@marlonholden.com with any questions or concerns you may have.


Who is Marlon Holden?
A local Laguna Beach artist, Marlon Holden was born on The Big Island of Hawai’i and spent his life immersed in the elements of nature. Inspired from a young age by the explorations of his family, Marlon’s father was a big game fisherman, artist and talented musician whose rebellion against societal confines led his family on a seven-year sailing journey around the world. A fifty-eight foot sailboat carried them as they visited off-grid archipelagos and little-known remote islands. Never taking more than what was needed, they lived sustainably and organically off the earth as nature intended. While sailing the vast expanses of ocean, Marlon learned celestial navigation and later became a Master Merchant Mariner where he refined his ability to listen to Mother Nature and the habits of her natural elements. These were the formative years that would define Marlon’s search for the path less traveled and his maverick sensibilities as an artist and outdoorsman. From his humble beginnings, a passion for the arts and outdoors helped Marlon transform circumstances of adversity into resilience, persistence and a drive to always seek the beauty in life. Amidst the challenges in coming of age abroad and often times isolated at sea, Marlon found solace through artistic expression. Marlon attributes much of the inspiration in his role as an artist to his raw experience in nature. The influence of his parents, world-renowned artist Ruth Mayer and acclaimed musician Randy Holden, encouraged Marlon to pursue his natural talents and galvanized Marlon to pursue his passion for the arts and The Great Outdoors. The model of his parents’ creative process and their success as professional artists set a foundation for Marlon’s unwavering ability to pursue his calling. For decades, Marlon’s pursuit in the art of photography has become an opportunity to share with others the healing powers of Mother Nature and his unbridled faith in something greater than us all. Through his camera’s lens, he aspires to bring that same light into the lives around him in capturing and exploring the raw beauty in nature.

Where is the artwork displayed publicly?
You can view Marlons work in our flagship studio located in Laguna Beach, California.

What does Limited Edition mean?
Limited Edition means that there will only be a certain number of prints produced for each artwork. After the edition completely sells out, there will never be another reprint produced of that particular artwork.

Are there multiple sizes to choose from?
Yes. Our Limited Edition works come in four different sizes and our Artist Reserves are completely customizable for each client for those looking for a more limited and custom piece. 

Are there additional limited works?
Yes. We specialize in the most custom Fine Art Photography known today with our various options for more exclusivity to help your vision come to life in the home or office.

Artist Proofs:
These editions are very personal to the artist and are often times offered to close friends, family, and collectors seeking more exclusive artworks. Highly sought after, these Artist Proof editions of 10 are available in four different sizes and allow for unique opportunities involving the artist directly.

Artist Reserves:
For those looking for a more customized option, we offer an Artist Reserve edition of 20. These limited works of art allow our designers and clients alike to collaborate directly with the artist to create a custom work specific to their personal space and vision. 

Untouched Series:
The Untouched series is a collection of images that were captured through exploration, gritty determination and an appreciation for Mother Nature at her purest. Each image is a moment found in isolation allowing a silent place for meditation, peace and tranquility. A place for those who desire to reconnect with what was lost. The Untouched series will consist of small editions of only 10 echoing the far reaching and intimate places reserved for those who hold the treasures of the Earth close to their hearts. In this case, less will always be more. 

Originals are very exclusive, one-of-one artworks that are completely coordinated with Marlon and the client/designer. An original artwork is generally left up to Marlon on how long it takes him to capture that particular scene. They are our most rare and valuable fine art photographs we offer today.

Does the artist sign and number his work?
Yes. Each artwork is hand signed and numbered in the bottom right hand corner with the appropriate edition number given or selected by the client.

Is the work authenticated?
Yes. Upon arrival of your artwork to the home or office, a Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed out that contains all of the proper documents and verification regarding your fine artwork.

care and handling

How do I clean my artwork?
Although we use the finest materials in the industry to mount your photograph, it is not immune to scratching. Please be mindful to always treat your artwork with care.

For regular maintenance of your artwork, we recommend using a microfiber cleaning cloth. Be sure to remove any tags from the cloth first in order to avoid scratching the surface of your photograph. Should dust or residue build up, our recommendation is to use either Brillianize or an eyeglass cleaner for resin lens' with your microfiber cloth. NEVER use any ammonia or alcohol based cleaner or paper towels. The recommended cleaners have a glossing agent in them that helps reduce dust and fingerprinting. Strong cleaners will statically charge the Acrylic and attract dust and need more cleanings.

How do I light my artwork?
Lighting your image properly is always recommended for day/night enjoyment depending on the set up of the home or office. The proper degree of lighting will depend on the distance of the light fixture from the artwork. While several light bulbs can sufficiently light your image, we use Soraa MR16 LED bulbs for the best results. It is best to seek the advice of an electrician or lighting professional to ensure the proper balance of light and presentation of your art.

How do I hang my artwork?
Your artwork has been shipped with the appropriate hanging equipment which is attached to the back of the frame. We use the French cleat method which allows you to mount the hardware directly to the wall using dry wall anchors with the cleat facing out at the 45 degree cut. The artwork then has a lip on the back of the frame located at the top which allows you to slide the artwork onto the cleat until fastened securely. Double check to make sure it is evenly placed on the cleat and the piece doesn’t move at all on the wall.

Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! We ship all over the world.

Note: Please bear in mind we may decline to ship to certain destinations, such as countries subject to embargoes, sanctions, war, disturbances, local regulations, or other restrictions.

Is my artwork insured?
Yes. We ensure full coverage for all of our shipments in case of any damages that may occur during transit. In case of this unfortunate accident, we will replace or repair any damages that occur during transit from our printing facility to your destination. If damages happen during a relocation of the artwork in example to another location transported by you or a third party, we are not responsible for any damages.

Note: If the artwork arrives damaged please contact us within 24 hours of delivery and provide photos for us to investigate so that we may get a replacement into production for you right away.

How long does it take for my order to arrive after purchasing?
Upon order, we allow each artwork to take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks until production is complete. This timeline generally allows for the Lucite Acrylic to cure and the print to be thoroughly inspected for any defects before being shipped. This time frame is not a guarentee across all projects. Each order and the overall production duration could vary depending on the size of the project and how many orders are ahead in queue.