Walk With Me Modern.jpg
I have never felt so fortunate to be in the right place at the right time! This moment was pure elation and an experience that I won’t ever forget. I sat here on this old wooden dock for most of the afternoon sitting in position for sunset and watching the cloud formations change before me on moments notice! As dusk set in, the clouds couldn’t have been in a better place, nor could they be any more gorgeous as the soft tones of the setting sun cast a glowing eminent light onto the sky before it. I truly felt blessed as I pressed the shutter, knowing I had just captured a magical moment for you to enjoy.

Location: Lake Tahoe, California Edition Sizes: 50 Aspect: Modern

Dimensions:    TETON – 20.00 X 40.00     SIERRA – 30.00 X 60.00     DENALI – 40.00 X 80.00     EVEREST – 50.00 X 100.00  In Inches*