At Marlon Holden Fine Art, we specialize in the top of the line printing technology known as Lumachrome. Your Lumachrome prints surpass any other technology on the market like Fuji Flex and Fuji Archival by bringing unbelievable resolution, clarity, vibrancy and Dmax with an incredible 3D image quality to your photo that can appear backlit and holographic. We create custom ICC profiles with a tweaked tone curve to get the maximum 3D effect and 16 bit printing for the smoothest tone and response. Lumachrome is ONLY available face-mounted due to the special process.

The Lumachrome process is engineered to overcome and surpass the limitations of traditional chromogenic and inkjet processes. Details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the image with the Lumachrome process thanks to the transparency layers that are infused with iridium particles and is encapsulated in a layer suspended between the white poly surface and Lucite Acrylic.



• Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120 Years

• Superior Gamut vs Traditional Fuji Flex & Fuji Archival Prints

• Incredible 3D Depth & Dimensionality

• Unsurpassed Detail & Ability to Hold Highlights

• Superior Shadow Luminosity & Detail

• Radiant Glowing Response Under Halogen Lighting


Each artwork is hand crafted and throughly inspected, leaving a lasting brilliance and shine for you to enjoy in your home or office. Finally, we fit your fine art piece with a kiln fired wooden ROMA frame made directly in Italy. This frame is a recessed float mount on the reverse allowing each piece to hang without the need for an external frame of any kind. This process offers a very clean and museum grade quality presentation which will enhance any home or office.

Additional framing is also offered if you’re looking to add an external frame around the entirety of the artwork. Externally framed fine art brings a dynamic and bold statement in any interior space. This allows you to show off your unique piece of artwork and get the exact look and feel you’re looking for to match or compliment the space. By keeping in mind your vision and ultimate goal in design, we strive to work along side and help assist with finding the perfect frame from one of our various styles for each of our collectors.  

  The images below showcase examples of our framed artwork with both ROMA Italian moulding and Larson Juhl.



We at Marlon Holden Fine Art pride ourselves in offering the most customized fine art photography on the market known today. We offer exclusive Limited Edition works of only 100 or 50, available in four different sizes.

Collectors seeking further exclusivity, our Artist Proof editions of 10 are also available in four different sizes and allow for unique opportunities involving the artist directly.

For those looking for a more customized option, we offer an Artist Reserve edition of 20. These limited works of art allow our designers and clients alike to collaborate directly with the artist to create a custom work specific to their personal space and vision.

Each artwork is hand signed and numbered in the bottom right hand corner and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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