In this day and age, the greatest challenge in getting connected is the simple, yet difficult task of...un-connecting. With the world quite literally at our fingertips and the saturation of information that surrounds us, it is important to remember that getting lost in a forest of trees or to the sound of the ocean can do more for us and reveal more about us than any search engine could.
— Marlon Holden
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This series represents a collection of rare images, from places only  reached. through grit, determination and willpower. These Untouched places exude tranquility, peace and evoke magic, places where the importance of the journey is equal to its destination. Marlons driven nature is that of a true and spirited outdoorsman, who thrives in the challenge of seeking places few or none have visited. In capturing the essence each of these places evoke with the eye of his lens, Marlon shares with you the natural beauty found off the beaten path, in hopes he will inspire you to also become enraptured in that moment. The Untouched series consists of small editions within intimate places reserved for those who hold the treasures of the Earth close to their hearts. With careful regard to Untouched, less will always be more.




While backpacking through the High Sierras in Central California with three of the best friends a guy could ask for, we stumbled upon this secluded, remote, high country lake.  At this point we were over 21 miles away from any road. We shared a modest meal as we often do compromised of a prepackaged dehydrated meal and some trail mix. That evening, just as the sun had set, the opposing West face had remnants of alpenglow hitting it gently as the Milky Way rose above it. In the foreground, there stood a small group of dead trees.  They were all of about the same age and one could conclude that they were saplings together, living beside that lake together for at least a few centuries. I thought silently to myself “Oh, the stories they could tell” I couldn’t help smile a little and call them “Old Friends”.

Location: Eastern High Sierras, California     Standard Edition Sizes: 10     Aspect: Classic

Dimensions:    TETON – 24.00 X 36.00     SIERRA – 30.00 X 45.00     DENALI – 40.00 X 60.00     EVEREST – 48.00 X 72.00     In Inches*




As my good friend Chad and I bounced down a rough dirt road, we gathered our wits about us, as we had to start at an early 2 AM to arrive at first light. When we arrived, the silhouette of lonely saguaros filled the landscape, hiking up to the top of a near butte, the sky lit on fire behind us, giving way to a spectacular alpenglow burn that made me entirely forget about the sunrise before me! I turned around as fast as I could to set up on this scene and carefully, yet quickly composed the Cholla cactus in a gorgeous display of desert light!

Location: Eastern High Sierras, California     Standard Edition Sizes: 10     Aspect: Classic

Dimensions:    TETON – 24.00 X 36.00     SIERRA – 30.00 X 45.00     DENALI – 40.00 X 60.00     EVEREST – 48.00 X 72.00     In Inches*




After backpacking the wilderness for 8 days, spending multiple frigid nights atop desolate, raw and beautiful landscapes we awoke on our final morning to skies filled with drama and dark rolling monsoon clouds. We broke camp after a brief breakfast of dehydrated granola cereal and dried blueberries and began moving through class 3 traverses all day and hiking gigantic peaks over 13,000 ft. in pouring rain and lightning storms, after a significant effort we finally dropped down into this small pocket basin just before last light.  As the clouds cleared and the thunder seemed to roll off into the distance, I clicked the shutter to this image that makes me smile to this day, grateful to still be alive and grateful that we were lucky enough to be here in this moment, in silence, reflective upon such a great and monumental experience!

Location: SW Colorado     Standard Edition Sizes: 10     Aspect: Modern

Dimensions:    TETON – 20.00 X 40.00     SIERRA – 30.00 X 60.00     DENALI – 40.00 X 80.00     EVEREST – 50.00 X 100.00     In Inches*